The Rising Legend

The Rising Legend is a novel about Kenu, a wrestler, who is shunned by his village because of his questionable ancestry. Kenu gets a chance at redemption when two mythical men suddenly appear in his village.

Deep in the forests of southern Nigeria, in the village of Umulu, lives a wrestler called Kenu.

Kenu’s tribe shuns him because of his tarnished ancestry. He longs to be fully accepted by his village, but never dreams of it coming true. One day, two mythical men are spotted entering the village and Kenu’s moment arrives.

A simple investigation into the two visitors spirals into a complex myriad of events that catapult his self-discovery. Finally given a chance, Kenu passionately fights for his tribe, his acceptance and his ultimate redemption.

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Onyi Nwokogba was born in Nashville, Tennessee to a Nigerian father and an American mother. She spent most of her childhood in Nigeria, where she discovered her great love for fiction. She eventually moved back to the United States where she majored in Legal Studies and minored in English at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. While in college, she was an assistant editor for Spectrum, a university magazine.

She is an attorney and has passed both the Massachusetts and California state bar exams. She won a writing award in her first year of law school and was also nominated for the Massachusetts Black Judges Conference Book Award. She works as a freelance editor and is the Literary Director of a publishing company.

She lives in the United States. The Rising Legend is her first novel.

"Fiction is art and art is an integral part of human existence. Fiction writing affords the privilege of connecting people with stories about the art of their existence."
- Onyi Nwokogba

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